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Straight from the Source

People often ask me how Ease & Grace Healing Arts can benefit their lives. I tell them how it has influenced my own lifestyle, but emphasize that it impacts different people in different ways. Read what my satisfied clients thought about their own personal experiences and feel free to come check it out for yourself.

Photo - Michelle Bianchi

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"(Jill is) an amazing instructor in both Pilates  and Thai healing. Jill is incredibly in tune to what my body needs, gives timely and immediate feedback for me to move forward.”

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My wife Susan and I have had the pleasure of working with jill for many years. We work with her on pilates,yoga and Thai Healing massage. She has helped us increase strength and flexibility and reduce stress. We like that jill does not use a cookie cutter approach. She customizes her training to work with our needs. We give her five stars.

Your new healthy lifestyle awaits. Sign up for a Ease & Grace Healing Arts session today.

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