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  • Jill Voyles

Pilates Yoga St Louis | Missouri | With Ease & Grace

As I sat in the auditorium tonight, watching my friend Michelle give her presentation for her capstone Project. I was humbled. Not only for the fact that the past six weeks she’s been working on this nonstop. But with her Life’s journey, that began with me, five years ago; and how much Pilates, Yoga & Thai body work have affected her life. From the support it gave her during her divorce, to recovering from a blood clot. And the time that I gave her a Thai bodywork session and we found a melon size tumor in her uterus. To me, what I do for a living and what it gives people, is why I began the path myself. But to actually hear someone speak about how it’s affected their life, I almost have no words for it. It almost brought me to tears. It solidifies the many hours I am away from my family. This path has supported me and it brings so much joy to me that others receive the gift just as I have. I cannot thank her enough for the time that she has put into building me this website. I have worked for numerous studios all over St. Louis. But as of the past couple years my employment has been building a small business for myself; that experience has been amazing. My home is not a studio as I thought that before, but in a session with a client. To see it as she so eloquently put together, Is an amazing gift. I hope you’ll take a moment and check out how she has combined the last seven years of my life, my work, my passion onto the screen. Thank you Mishka Bianchi.

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