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Jill Voyles

Classical Pilates, Sol, Yoga, Thai Healing Practitioner, Human Design Interpretation

Always physically active while growing up, Jill passionately enjoyed movement, running and yoga. In 2011, while training for a marathon, she fractured her hip. As severe as the injury was it also proved to be a humbling moment for Jill. She was able to use the Pilates method to help her rehabilitate within four months, while intensively studying under Master Pilates teacher/trainer Mary J Brown in St. Louis, MO.

Upon completion of her Pilates training she went to study under Baba Hari Dass at the Mount Madonna Institute in California for a 200 hour Classical Aṣhțāṅga yoga intensive. Jill continued to follow her bodywork path and in 2015 began training under Chuck Duff in Evanston, Il as a Thai Healing practitioner. Her interest and love for yoga has lead her to train under Pam Schulte a St. Louis native and renowned Yogi. Jill completed her 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program in 2016. Over the last seven years Jill has also been certified in Sol Movement, Human Design Interpretation,  Yin YogaPrenatal Yoga and Children’s Yoga

Her studies of the years have lead her to understand and support clients through pain and rehabilitation. Whether it be sciatica, shoulder issues, back or neck issues, rest assured Jill will formulate a routine that is personal for your proper body and mind development.

Jill is patient and provides care tailored to each individual. Being a well rounded healing arts practitioner, Jill has a unique approach to her private sessions. She offers in studio sessions, outdoor, group and private practice. Her specialization is in-home/zoom private Sol, Pilates, Yoga or Thai healing sessions. 

When Jill is not teaching clients or giving a bodywork sessions she is giving herself space for development and growth. She loves giving her body self care from; early morning meditation and subconscious reprogramming, hiking with her Chessie, listening to podcasts, journaling her manifestations, traveling, connecting with friends, utilizing all the tools she has been fortune to have learned over the years for a personal movement session. She is also passionate about working in nature and the grounding effects it brings. These self care practices allow rejuvenation of her spirit and bring positive energy to her clients’ mind, body and spirit.

Jill is a loving, dedicated and active mother to three active young daughters Finola, Maeve and Phaelan. Jill and her partner Brendan love to take their girls on adventures, deep into the mountains. She enjoys long hikes with her family, picnics, fun family dinners, studying herbalism and human design.

Jill wholeheartedly believes that Sol, Pilates, Yoga, Thai Healing and Human Design can shift not only your health, but your path in life. 

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