Soleil Lune Movement

there are times you have to go through the grit to feel + embrace the empowerment. this class will physically challenge you. we turn up the music so you can drop into the beat + base.
the words from some of these songs will bring up past stored emotions. you will then have an opportunity to release these emotions in a controlled environment. rewrite your story + heal.
this is why I am so passionate about sol and this is why I want to share with you.

sol brings light and levity into my life.

Soleil lune movement session is a two hour practice. jill will first take you through a series of yang movements to increase heart rate + warm the body + boost the endorphins + wring the body of toxins + rotate + twist + bend the spine in all six directions all whilst immersing your into deep heartfelt music. 

next jill will take you through a unique series of seated poses to tap into the yin energy body. Open pathways through the hips + joints + fascia Immersing a surge of blood to the organs in the heart. The body will feel it all over down regulation as a central nervous system resets + renews + rejuvenates.

*yang - movement that creates heat

*yin movement that cools 

$40 per participant 
To register please message Jill at
Payment required with registration