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Intention Setting

Jill Voyles | Body Movement Specialist 
Purpose & Guiding Principles

Jill's is a foremost provider of Pilates, Yoga, SOL Movement + Thai Healing services for the St. Louis community. As a Body Movement Specialist Jill specializes in in-home + private studio sessions for clients of all skill levels, backgrounds, & abilities. Her holistic approach to well-being is the foundation of her practice allowing her to create personalized treatment for each client.

My vision is that each of my clients discover within themselves the healing and self love that comes from self-care practices.

My mission is to support clients find an awareness of their bodies so they can listen and respond to what their bodies needs. `

My promise is to be present during each session, giving my clients 100% of my effort and tailoring every session to the individuals' ever evolving needs. 

My impact is grounded in the spreading of knowledge and my passion for the healing arts by encouraging clients to become more in touch with the practice that resonates best within themselves.

My success is reflected by my clients development of a deep practice and continued self care throughout the span of their lives. 

The heart of my practice  is centered in the idea of  bringing ever evolving education to clients who’s lives are touch by my teaching of healing arts practices just as they touch my life.

Jill Voyles | Founder | Body Movement Specialist 

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